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Here are a few of the things I've written over the years. Some of them are very tangential to emerging church but they illustrate something of my own struggle to come to terms with what might be called a postmodern way of looking at my faith.

Nature of Priesthood

Before I was accepted as an ordinand on the Norwich Ordained Local Ministry Training Course I was asked to read and compare two books on ordination. The following essay was the result. Re-reading it over three years later I find little that I would want to change so I reproduce it here exactly as I wrote it then.

Expressing Church in a Postmodern World

This was written as my last assignment before ordination. It is rather uneven but shows how I was starting to understand some of the issues in June 2004.

Worship on the Edge

A summary of some approaches to worship which are more in tune with postmodern than modern approaches to God. Much of this was incorporated and updated in my C21hurch course.