About Richard Seel

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My name is Richard Seel. I'm a priest in the Church of England, ordained deacon in 2004 and priest in 2005 (I'm non-stipendiary, that is, the Church of England does not pay me). I now serve as an Assistant Priest in the Chet Valley Benefice in South Norfolk and have oversight of Xpressions Cafe, a fresh expression of church. I also do a lot of Children and Families work, including writing and leading Holiday Clubs, Crib Services and School Assemblies. This work is done in collaboration with my colleague Alison Ball.

My passion is to help people (including myself) to find ways of being church in the 21st century and to discover how we can be the kingdom community to which Jesus called us.

I studied physics and maths at college (not very successfully but I've retained a love of physics and astronomy). After a serendipitous encounter with making home movies I ended up for the next twenty years at the BBC as a film editor, specialising in documentaries. I still make movies, mainly for church, and I've gathered some other examples of good film making on this site. After that I spent another nine years in the BBC as a manager.

I had an early interest in computers (I programmed my first computer in 1966) and spent three years as a freelance writer for a computer magazine, writing articles on programming and reviewing new products and software.

In 1996 I left the BBC and started life as a freelance organisation consultant. I studied at Ashridge Management College and received an MSc in Organization Consulting from there in 1999. I retired from work as a consultant in 2011. My particular interests were in organisation culture and complexity and emergence in organisations.

Over the years I've written quite a lot of stuff, much of it on complexity and organisations. I've also written about various other things including counselling, anthropology, parenting and other topics. There are also a few articles on this site, as well as some papers about Xpressions Cafe which may be of interest. There is also an eight week course on 'Life & Service: Mission', which I deliver to third-year Reader students in the Diocese of Norwich; a version of which can be found here as C21hurch.

My most recent writings have been my Imaginations of the Heart, Ignatian reflections on various Bible stories where I imagine myself into the character of one the the people involved.