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Welcome to emerging-church. My name is Richard Seel and I have a passion for trying to help the church connect with the unchurched. On this site you'll find some resources which I hope will help people trying to do the same. Perhaps the most useful will be the video resources, which I don't think can be found anywhere else.

Video Church

Another way is to gradually develop this site into a useful resource for those who would like to use video in their church life. It is an non-negotiable fact that we are now in the 21st century and that more and more of us, churched and unchurched, get the majority of information, education and stimulation from electronic media. If the church is to continue to be relevant to the lives of the majority of people it must have a major focus on enabling and equipping ordinary parishes and congregations to use video and other multimedia resources in worship, preaching and evangelism.

Imaginations of the Heart

Since March 2012 I have been writing imaginative encounters with Scripture in the course of entering into an Ignatian-style way of praying. Some people have found them helpful and engaging so from time to time I will post new ones as I type them up.

Xpressions Cafe

I am a leader of a Fresh Expression of church in rural South Norfolk. We operate a liquid cafe once a month in the village of Chedgrave. I've written some stuff about the Cafe which might be of wider interest and you can find it here. There is also a movie which I made in August 2009.


I write and teach a course on How to be Church in the 21st Century. The course book can be found here. It contains sections on contemporary culture; the spirituality of people who don't go to church; doing mission in the 21st century; preaching in the 21st century; studying the Bible in the 21st century; worshipping in the 21st century; and a final chapter on new forms of church, especially emerging church and new monasticisim.


There has been a huge amount of writing about emerging church, fresh expressions, postmodern church and so on. I've read quite a bit of it and in this bibliography I've listed the books I've read and made brief notes on them; mainly for myself but they might help others too. I've also included links (mainly to amazon.co.uk) to the sources of everything in the bibliography.


I am also starting to build up a set of links to the resources which I have found to be interesting and useful. Plus there's some stuff I've written, and a little bit about a 'chill-out tent' I put together for the Bacton fete.

Contact me

You can contact me directly at richard@emerging-church.org

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