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The collect is an ancient part of the liturgy;  a fragment of a more elaborate rite. The celebrant, after greeting the people (Dominus vobiscum), invited them to pray for some intention: Oremus, dilectissimi nobis, etc. The deacon said: Flectamus genua, and all knelt for a time in silent prayer. The subdeacon then told them to stand up again (Levate), and, all standing, the celebrant closed the private prayers with the collect. The collect is usually written in one sentence and has the following structure: (1) an initial address to a person of the Trinity (usually the Father); (2) a clause referring to some attribute or action of God, or to one of his saving acts; (3) a petition which usually relates to that attribute or action; (4) the reason why we are asking; and (5) a conclusion.

They can be difficult to engage with and using a video version can help turn ancient liturgy into contemporary experience. The following collects come from i-church, an online Christian community rooted in the Anglican Diocese of Oxford who made a series of video collects for Lent:

First Collect for First Sunday in Lent

Second Collect for Second Sunday in Lent

First Collect for Second Sunday in Lent

Second Collect for Second Sunday in Lent

Collect for Third Sunday of Lent

Collect for Fourth Sunday of Lent

First Collect for Ash Wednesday

Second Collect for Ash Wednesday