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Video can enhance credal statements.

The 'Starlight Creed' (5'17) was made by Dave Paisley. It sets a creed by Doug Gay from Alternative Worship by Jonny Baker & Doug Gay to music with pictures from NASA.

God Waits (3'37) by Simon Rundell, with music by Nitin Sawney,  has provocative words and a great image of moon rise by a high-rise block.

Nicene Creed (2'29) by Rayna Queen, set to A. A. Archangelsky's 'The Symbol of the Faith' performed by the Kyiv Chamber Choir is more traditional but would help those jaded by repetition come to a fresh encounter with these ancient words.

Creed (4'53) Rich Mullins' Creed has inspired a number of video versions. This, by Evan Morris is one of the best and most stylish I've come across.

Apostles' Creed (1'19) from Dyer Need Productions uses multiple voices and shows what can be done with a bit of imagination and a minimum of artifice. You could do something like this!

Apostles' Creed in the Park (2'17) is also from Dyer Need; this time with an old man and a boy on a park bench giving traditional and modern versions of the creed.