Prayer & Meditation

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The Lord's Prayer

There several good movies based on the Lord's Prayer. Here is a selection of the ones which engaged me most:

Lord's Prayer (2'29) - Good graphics, omits 'daily bread', 'forgiveness' and 'evil & temptation'.

Lord's Prayer (2'44) - by Simon Rundell, based around My Friend (Whenever I'm down) by Groove Armada.

Lord's Prayer (5'17) - An extended meditation on the Lord's Prayer. Download a high resolution version from Prayerscapes for free.

Teach Us to Pray (7'01) - A text-based meditation on the Lord's Prayer. Good.

Lord's Prayer (7'54) - A filmed sketch of God having a conversation with a woman as she prays the Lord's Prayer. Funny and thought-provoking.

Lord's Prayer (6'12) - E Nomine's techno version may not be to everyone's taste. This is the extended remix (English version) cut to fantasy and SF landscapes The original version (music only) can be found here.


Prayer & Meditation

Prayer Meditation (4'42) is a gentle, graphics-based conversation with God.

Grace (5'32) is set to U2's song of the same name.

Love (8'25). Part Bible reading from 1Corintians 13 (from The Message), part meditation, this is a good video about love. Download a DVD quality version from Prayerscapes for £1.95.

Disturb Us Lord (3'56). Based on a prayer attributed to Francis Drake, this video uses Celtic-style music and dance, together with the words of the prayer. Download a DVD quality version from Prayerscapes for £1.50.