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There are lots of videos online which could be used in church. Many of these have been mentioned on other pages but I include as many as possible here, for the sake of convenience. Some of them will be subject to copyright restrictions but these can often be overcome by the simple process of asking.


A great site which has free clips from commercial movies for download. These are available copyright-free for use in church, school, or other non-profit organisation. There are quite a few Christian movies on the site but also some big hits from major studios. The site is organised thematically, with at least 100 different keywords. For instance, "Apocalypse" offers clips from City of Ember, Day After Tomorrow, I Am Legend, Left Behind and X-Men: Last Stand. "Suffering" brings 22 results including clips from Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Evan Almighty, Entertaining Angels, Becoming Jane, Pirates 3: At World's End and To End All Wars. Free access will give you clips in medium resolution Quicktime format (.mov). A subscription will allow you to access the cips in high resolution  resolution Windows or Quicktime formats. The medium resolution is not bad; easily as good as most YouTube movies.


Proost is a commercial site which offers worship videos, music tracks and print  resources for quite modest sums. Run by Jonny Baker of Grace, it has a wealth of material, some very good. You can either pay per item (£1.99 per movie) or subscribe for £60.00 per year and have unlimited access to the downloadable material (.mov, .mp3 and .pdf). Their catalogue includes a version of Si Smith's excellent '40', which I have used to great effect during Lent.


This site offers a number of meditations, using high quality stills, text and music. All are available for high quality download and could be used in worship or discussion.

Sermon Spice

An American site with lots of videos, mainly billed as sermon illustrations. Quality and creativity are variable. There is a full preview facility and you can search by topic or passage. Prices seem to range from $5.00 to $20.00, depending, in part,  on the length of the clip.

Studentlife Videos

Another American pay site with about 150 downloadable videos.

Worship House

American pay site with movies, backgrounds, countdowns, stills and software. Most movies are $15.00.


Prayerscapes has a number of videos for free download in low resolution or in high resolution for a small fee.

The Message Trust

The Message Trust was set up by Andy Hawthorne to support teams of people who go to live on estates in Manchester (and more recently Sheffield and Bradford as well). They issue a number of podcasts, including a rap version of "This Little Light of Mine" by LZ7 and some videos from The Awesome Theatre Company; the first two of which are on Debt and Falling in Love.

Alpha Virals

There are a number of virals (short films) on the Alpha site. They are all adverts for the Alpha course but some of them could be used as brief introductions to a sermon or service which looked at the meaning of life.


Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. Their site has a number of films in Quicktime format. Some, like Beauty Kit, are provocative and would act as good discussion starters or thought pieces. Others, such as Birds, are just quirky and fun.

Image Bank

Image Bank offers a library of good quality digital images especially designed for use on alternative worship and presentations. There's a good range and the collection is growing. All images are free to download and use; a simple registration is all that is required.