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The Spiritual Journey

Mike Booth (somegreybloke) has made a number of very funny movies. Some of them are directly related to questions of faith. His alter ego, Graham, muses on a number of serious matters.

Choosing my Religion [1] (1'30) - Graham starts his religious quest.

It might be good to show this and then have time for discussion. Follow up with part two:

Choosing my Religion [2] [ (4'37) - Graham makes a choice. A brilliantly funny look at the way lots of people think about religion.

Together these will provoke a lot of thoughtful interaction.

The problem of Love and Judgement

Re: Jesus (2'28) - Graham encounters the problem of love and judgement. Helping people see this as 'both-and' rather than 'either-or' could appeal to the postmodern sensibility. Love with judgement is just sentimentality; judgement without love is vindictive and cruel. Tom Wright is very good on this. (See, for instance his commentary on Matthew 22:1-14.)

Talk Radio (3'20) - In this video Graham engages with an American Christian talk show host about the nature of sacrifice. Once more, more provocative food for thought and debate.